By working to understand the unique characteristics of the materials and processes you use, we can focus our development resources on more effective and efficient solutions. We can also bring the knowledge and experience we've gained in other industries to help you solve your unique application requirements. When similar processes call for similar solutions, we can easily transfer needed application expertise in such areas as web control, injection molding, batch processes, stamping, packaging, and material handling.

Electricity & Thermal Energy

* Electricity Distribution/Energy Management System
* Electricity Generation System
* Electricity Protection System
* Integrated Energy Management System

Oil & Gas

* Pipeline SCADA and Telemetry
* Tank Farming & Storage Facilities
* Metering & Pump Facilities
Water/Waste Water Treatment System

* Pipeline SCADA
* Tank & Reservoir Monitoring System
* Chemical Dosing
* Filtration & Backwashing

Material Handling & Transport

* Conveyor System
* Weighting & Scale